Speedy World* Championship 2018

*as far as we can tell 😛

South Australia has held its annual Speedy tournament.  10 games played under speedy conditions (12 minutes per game).  Tracey Kneebone dominated; winning 9 out of 10 games, finishing 2 games ahead of Tony Miller in second and Carmel Dodd in third.

20180602_094543Tracey Kneebone - Winner of the Speedy Tournament

20 players converged on the Unley Bridge club for the tournament.  Because of the numbers, we played in a single open division with prizes in two ratings bands.  Adam Kretschmer was working hard as Tournament Director and computer operator making sure the next round was always available.  The tournament was paired as a lagged swiss draw so that people weren’t waiting and could jump into the next game.

There was a novelty prize for the 6 “fastest” words as judged by Adam.  Winners collected a block of chocolate.  Among the winners: JET, EMU, BULLET.

One highlight was in my game against Julie Robins who bonussed from the rack IIESSS? depriving me of a lot of premium tiles in a single move.

A quick run down of the winners:
1st Tracey Kneebone
2nd Tony Miller
3rd Carmel Dodd
High Game – Oliver Jenner-O’Shea – 565
High Word – Antony Kimber – MUFFLES 106
~1st Joyce Browett
~2nd Louisa Atsas
~3rd Margaret Gibson
~High Word – Victoria Gates – TRASHERS 92

Speedy Ratings are available in the resources section.

One thought on “Speedy World* Championship 2018

  1. The Speedy World Championship looks like so much fun! The prizes are well worth it. It’s my favorite kind of chocolate. 🙂 Will there be a Scrabble Championship this year as well?


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