SA Scrabble Championship Results

SA Champion Daniel Piechnick receives his trophies from Judy Mansfield (Treasurer) and Jane Taylor (President)

South Australia had its biggest weekend of scrabble on 12th and 13th of March. The tournament was held at the Prospect Primary school hall. Sixteen games of Scrabble were played over the two days.

The prize winners were:

  • 1st Place: Daniel Piechnick (12 wins, 1343 margin)
  • 2nd Place: Karen Richards (12 wins, 855 margin)
  • 3rd Place: Antony Kimber (12 wins, 680 margin)
  • 4th Place: Adam Kretschmer (11 wins, 285 margin)
  • 5th Place: Carmel Dodd (10 wins, 309 margin)
  • High Game: Geoff Wright (562 points)
  • High Word: Julie Robins (194 points for DELAYERS)

Division B:

  • 1st Place: Victoria Gates (9 wins, 193 margin)
  • 2nd Place: Teresa Dean (9 wins, -38 margin)
  • 2nd Place: Neal Whibley (8.5 wins, -7 margin)
  • High Game: Mel Leckie (547 points)
  • High Word: Louisa Atsas

Full results are available at:

SA Scrabble Championship

Book your place now for the South Australian Scrabble Championship. Join in the battle for Scrabble SA’s biggest title.

The SA Scrabble Championship 2022 starts Saturday 12 March at the Prospect Primary School Gymnasium, 27 Gladstone Rd, Prospect. The Championship will again be an open tournament over 2 days (March 12-13) with 16 games, directed by James Gunner. Registration on Saturday is 8:00-8:30 am. We will play 9 games on Saturday and 7 games on Sunday. The dictionary will be CSW19.

The Championship is open to people of all playing abilities. There are prizes for first to 5th places and also for High Word, High Game and Best of the Bottom Half (Tilde Prize). There will also be a novelty word competition where you can win a chocolate bar.

Tea and coffee will be provided. You are welcome to bring your own snacks. Lunch is available from shops on Prospect Road which is short walk from the venue.


All participants and guests are welcome to attend our Saturday dinner which will probably be held at the Delhi Club, (Indian Cuisine) at 93 Prospect Road, Prospect, which is only an 8 minute walk from the playing venue.


Entry fee will be $55 for members of a state Scrabble association and $65 for non-members. 

As we would like to keep cash handling to a minimum, we request that you pay your entry fee by bank transfer if at all possible (before Friday 11th March). 

If you are paying on the day, please bring the correct money. 


March is the festival season in Adelaide, so there are plenty of side-activities to keep you entertained during your stay:

Adelaide Fringe:

Adelaide Festival:

Adelaide Cup:


To enter the championship please contact me.

Antony Kimber
Phone: 0487 122 347

Scrabble SA Wants Your Rotating Board

Rotating board are becoming increasing difficult to acquire. Most boards were acquired from countries with scant regard for the Hasbro intellectual property. This practice is being clamped down on by the Scrabble trademark owner. If you have a rotating board Scrabble SA will consider purchasing it from you, if it is still in good condition.

If you would like to sell your board please contact one of the committee members.

Battle of the Sexes

South Australia had a return to its Battle of the Sexes tournament today. Those identifying with a more masculine gender won 31.5 games. Those identifying with a more feminine gender won 13.5 games.


       5 games

       W     M                       Old   Chg  New

  1    4  +725 Daniel Piechnick     1812   -10 1802

  2    4  +635 Adam Kretschmer      1741   -10 1731

  3    4  +430 Michael Vnuk         1507    +4 1511

  4    4  +348 Antonios Syrigos     1457    +7 1464

  5    4  +337 Neal Whibley          941   +37  978

  6    4  +220 Dieter Jedamski      1198   +34 1232

  7    4   -69 Susan Roberts        1315   +30 1345

  8  3.5  +408 Tony Miller          1562   -15 1547

  9    3  +441 Antony Kimber        1542   -19 1523

10    3   +61 Jane Taylor          1501    +6 1507

11  2.5   -96 Rowena Vnuk          1166   +23 1189

12    2   +13 Carmel Dodd          1620   -32 1588

13    2   -85 Francoise Finlayson  1225   +11 1236

14    2  -197 Louisa Atsas          989    -2  987

15    2  -272 Paula Brown           776   +14  790

16    2  -279&Mary Jane Yaba      ( 500)     ( 699)

17    2  -386 Mel Leckie            752   +14  766

18    1  -102 Emanuel Atsas         885   -26  859

19    1  -215 Elana Jaremyn         949   -13  936

20    1  -286 Judy Mansfield       1128   -31 1097

21    0  -814&Julie Hambour       ( 508)     ( 519)

22    0  -817*Geraldine Slattery             ( 506)

High game Daniel Piechnick 582

High word Daniel Piechnick EXCELSIOR 104

Geraldine Slattery was previously unrated

Mary Jane Yaba is still provisional (12 games)

Julie Hambour is still provisional (16 games)

Scrabble Clubs Return after COVID lockdown


A number of Scrabble clubs have returned after some months in hibernation due to the COVID-19 lock-down. We have all adjusted to a new normal and are being careful about our hand hygiene and social distancing.

SA Scrabble has now run three tournaments under new COVID a the SA Bridge Association, 243 Young Street, Unley. The next one is on Sunday 6 September. Registration is 10:00-10:30am.

The Port Adelaide Library Scrabble Club is up and running again.  They also have a new meet up group.  Enjoy a friendly game or two of scrabble. All equipment provided, beginners to experts welcome. Join in the fun at 2:30pm on Mondays at the Port Adelaide Library, 2-4 Church St, Port Adelaide.

Grange, Seaford and Victor Harbor library are running again.  Prospect and Blackwood have plans to start shortly. Please see the list of clubs and contact the convener if you would like more information about local clubs.

Please let conveners know that you are turning up as numbers are restricted under COVID regulations.