SA Scrabble Championship 2018

Adelaide local, Adam Kretschmer has won the 2018 South Australian Scrabble Championship!

20180311_163556 (1)

The event was held at the South Australian Bridge Association on the weekend of the 10th of March.  It was a smaller field than previous years championships.  Two interstaters had made the journey to duke it out.  Just one previous winner, Daniel Piechnick in attendance, with the most recent winner Esther Perrins absent.

The event was run under the watchful eye of James Gunner acting as Tournament director and Computer operator who also had the job of choosing the winners for the novelty word competition (the most “electiony*” words.)  Format for the event was 16 games across 2 days with 9 on the first day.  There was a group dinner at The Goody. Going into Day 2, Daniel, Olly and Adam were the three players on 7 wins.  With no runaway leaders, it was wide open for a large number of players to make a run.  There is also a reset so a replay can occur between players that have already played.

The SA champs is run as an open event for pairings but there are prizes on offer for a second rating band (called the tildes because the players are indicated on the standings sheet with a ~)  After day 1, It was Elana, Emanuel and Fiona that had risen to the top of that section.

Adam would storm into Day 2 continuing a win streak that would end up at 9 games, ended by Barry.  The win by Barry against Adam in the penultimate round meant that Adam would need to win against Trevor or have Daniel lose his game.  Adam was able to take the win and ultimately finish in 1st place by a clear 2 games of the rest of the field.  A comprehensive win!

In the tildes, It was Wendi finishing on top, edging out Lyndee and Fiona on margin.  And the other overall placings, 2nd: Daniel, 3rd: Barry, 4th: Tony, 5th: Jane.

Some stats/highlights from the event (I asked players to let me know about anything spectacular):
-Louisa overcoming a 685 rating points difference to beat Geoff Wright
-Margaret started a game with a ZILLION
-a number of Triple-Triples: FREQUENT, STASHING
-A 600 game by Barry
-two 1000 combined games, both 1007 (Olly and Carol, Daniel and Tracey)

Massive thanks to everyone who helped out in anyway to contribute to the event.  I’m already looking forward to a bigger and better 2019 Championship!


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