SA Championship!

We have a new State Champion!  Esther Perrins has won the South Australia State Championship.


The tournament was held in Adelaide over the Adelaide Cup weekend.  As usual it was 16 games over two days.  40 players were taking part.  Among them was Carmel Dodd who was acknowledged for crossing 4000 tournament games played in Australia – an amazing achievement.  The format of the tournament is Open with a prize for the top player rated in the bottom half of the field (denoted on the pairings sheet with a ~ so the prize is naturally called top-of-the-tildes.)

It was a turbulent Day 1.  There were 9 games played and at the end of the day there were 4 players on 7 wins: Daniel Piechnick, Michael Cameron, Tony Miller, Antonios Syrigos.  The tournament was wide open for anyone to make a deep run.

In game 12, the two tournaments leaders: Daniel and Esther were meeting for the second time (Esther had won their first clash on day 1.)  Esther would go on to win again and so three players were tied on 9 wins: Daniel, Esther, Oliver Jenner-O’Shea.  In the final four games Daniel and Esther raced to the finish with Daniel carrying the bigger margin.  Esther got a game ahead and then won in the last rounds to take the tournament two games ahead of Daniel in second place.

Congrats again to Esther!
We’ll hopefully see lots of people next year at the SA Championship 2018.

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