Border Challenge

SA v Vic Border Challenge Wrap-Up, Results and Ratings


This year’s SA v Vic Border Challenge saw SA field its largest team ever (26) to battle a pretty big team from Victoria (22). SA’s 7 heavy-hitters all performed well, finishing in the overall top 8. After an even start, SA steadily built up a lead between rounds 3 until they were unbeatable at the end of round 9 (of 10).

This triggered ‘Team Gibsonization’ to help even out the intra-team count for some of the lower-ranked players and also provide a sensible shootout for the individual prizes. Michael Cameron and Jane Taylor were victorious over Trevor Tao and myself, to claim 1st and 2nd respectively. Angie Pearse flew the flag for Victoria to finish 5th. The final team tally was SA 128 – Vic 92, SA’s sixth consecutive win!

As is often the case with this event, the highlight is a breakout performance by an up-and-comer. This year’s standout was SA’s Wendi Symes, who from a rating of 722 (making her BC debut) strung together 7 wins, including upsets over the Victorian team’s top 2 rated players (Geoff W & Norma). Honorable mentions to stalwart Louisa Atsas who caused a lot of upsets on day 1, but slipped just outside the top 3 in the 2nd rating band and to Rachel Telfer who also played well above her rating on BC debut.

As always, the competition was fierce but friendly with new friendships and rivalries formed across the border. A big thanks to Victoria for organising this year’s event, particularly to Carol Johnsen and Norma Fisher. Also, thanks to Paula and her family for all of their work coordinating Team SA.

1st Michael Cameron
2nd Jane Taylor
3rd Trevor Tao
HG Michael Cameron 559
HW Norma Fisher INFLUXES 194

2nd Rating Band:
1st Wendi Symes
2nd Lyndee Hill
3rd Neal Whibley
HG Glenys Dettmann 523
HW Marilyn Evans JAVELINS 104

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